A treatment is 1 hour. The first session is 1,5 hour, in which I would like to ask you some questions at the beginning to get an impression of your general sense of wellbeing and whether there is something specific that you would like attention for.

A treatment costs €75, also the first session of 1.5 hours. Payment takes place afterwards via invoice within 7 days after receipt. Temporarily there is a one time offer of 4 sessions for €260 (€40 discount), valid for 4 months from the first appointment, with payment in full after the first treatment. Please note this discount is not available for house visits.

Are you a full-time student at an art college or do you have an income below welfare level, but you wish to come for a treatment? Please contact me by email.

I work on Mondays and Thursdays in a light, quiet, new practice space at Brouwersgracht 167-4, 1015 GH Amsterdam (top floor, stairs and elevator available). Easily accessible by bus, tram or 20 minutes walking from Central Station. Maps here.

Occasionally I am able to offer other times there. House visits are possible in some situations (baby, family e.g.). Please ask if needed.

Lily Kiara, B.C.S.T. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
IABT | International Affiliation of Biodynamic Trainings
ICrA | International Cranial Association
CAT | Registered CAT therapist (NL)
GAT | Geschilleninstantie Alternatieve Therapeuten

I trained in London in (Living) Anatomy and Physiology and in BSCT. I continue to deepen my learning and practice by following post-graduate trainings in specific areas in the field of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, such as BCST for Pregnancy, Mother and Baby, Migraines, Long Covid, Working with the Cardiovascular System and Developmental Trauma. I also have supervision, individually as well as in a group.

As a CAT collective therapist, I am subject to Wkkgz complaint and disciplinary law by the Alternative Therapists Disputes Authority (GAT in Dutch). GAT is a state recognized and fully independent dispute commission under the Wkkgz. For more information about my complaints procedure see https://gatgeschillen.nl/.

As a CAT therapist, I work according to the guidelines of the GAT professional code. For more information see https://gatgeschillen.nl/beroepscode/.